"The Customer and Service Come First"

  • Warehouse and Crossdock

Carpenter Warehouse, LLC provides a clean and controlled environment for storage and inventory. The crossdock services that Carpenter Warehouse, LLC provides allow for timely and organized shipping and receiving, meeting all the needs of the customer.
  • Special Shrinkwrap and Packaging Capabilities

Some of the product stored and shipped out of Carpenter Warehouse, LLC requires special care to ensure safety. Carpenter Warehouse provides wrapping and packaging services allowing for the safety of all workers and products.
  • Shipping Capabilities

When requested, Carpenter Warehouse, LLC provides safe and timely transportaion of the product stored in the warehouse to the product destination.
  • Extra Community Services

Carpenter Warehouse, LLC goes above and beyond the expectations of a successful business to provide extra services for the community. These services include maintaining a clean environment, recycling paper and plastic products, and selling Christmas trees to the community during the holiday season.